A The sims 3 Story

Chapter one – Confusion

‘Have you calmed down a little?’
‘Yes, thank you,’ I muttered.
‘Good. Now sit down over there.’
I obeyed and dropped myself into the wooden chair that was placed opposite of Lara’s desk.
After realising that I didn’t know my own name anymore, I panicked. Tried to flee the church out of pure panick and almost fell off the stairs, after which I’d probably would have ended back in the hospital bed. It took Lara fifteen minutes to calm me down. She then gave me a set of pajamas to wear over my undies. I was very grateful for that.

‘So… what happened to you, dear?’ Sister Lara said, trying to get a conversation going.
‘I don’t know. It feels all fuzzy inside my head.’
‘That’s all right. It might be from shock, I hear that happens a lot to people who have been in a severe accident.’
‘Yeah, but I bet those people don’t forget their own names or where they come from, do they?’ I responded. Lara frowned.
‘No, that is a little strange. But it was a blow to your head, after all…’

‘I found you unconscious at the backside of a building. First I thought you might have had a little too much nectar…’

‘But then I saw red stains on your hair and clothes. I feared the worst.’

‘I quickly called the hospital, but their ambulances had left for another accident and so I took you to the church instead. Luckily, your condition wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. The wound on your head had already started closing. So we put you in a bed and hoped you’d wake up by yourself… which you did. Eventually.’

‘You don’t know who left me there?’ I asked, a little disappointed.
‘I don’t have a clue.’
I wrapped my fingers together and put my chin on top of them. If I’d been here for at least three days… maybe even more… someone must have noticed I was gone. Friends or family, or maybe even an employer.
‘They would have reported me missing,’ I thought out loud. ‘I lost my name, but my face should still be the same… If I could go to the police station to look at the missing sim files, or maybe even the Town Hall…’

‘Absolutely not,’ Lara said, angry all of a sudden. ‘You are staying right here, young lady.’
‘But if I go there, I might find out my name,’ I tried to reason with her. ‘We’re in a city, right? There must be missing person records here somewhere.’

‘Of course we have them, but that is not what I mean. I’m a sister, but I’m also a diplomated nurse. The second I took you in here, you became my patient, and I can’t allow my patient to step outside the hospital while she’s saying it feels fuzzy in her head.’

I didn’t know whether to react amused or annoyed.

‘We’ll make a deal, child. I’m going to keep you here for two days  -just two days- to let you recover from your wound. After that, you’ll be free to run to wherever in town you want to run to. Is that acceptable to you?’
I looked into her eyes and realised I wasn’t going to win this fight.
‘All right,’ I nodded. ‘But just for two days. I don’t want to impose on you.’
‘You’re not imposing, my dear,’ Lara said with a warm smile. ‘The church is here to take care of people that need help. You are more than welcome.’

I smiled back and got up from the chair.
‘One last question, sister nurse… what town are we in, exactly?’
‘Why, Bridgeport, of course. And if you say you don’t remember what Bridgeport is, I’ll add two more days to your detention.’
I left her office with a smile.


3 responses

  1. Sister Lara seems lovely, she’s so nurturing and protective of her, almost motherly :3
    Your foundres (?) is really cute, btw ^^ I love her hair+eye colour combo 🙂

    August 24, 2012 at 12:46

  2. Baraki-nee-chan

    Hmm interesting…

    October 29, 2012 at 19:49

  3. Wow, this is so interesting! Lara is so sweet!

    July 24, 2013 at 19:02

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