A The sims 3 Story

Chapter fourteen – Revival, part two


You and I walk a fragile line

My legs were walking by themselves.
Really, they were. I could not move a single muscle in my body and was forced to look straight ahead, unable to glance left or right or even blink my eyelids as my body walked through the dark night hills on its own. I could still feel, though. The air around me felt tense, almost as if loaded with electricity.


I kept thinking of what had happened to Nile just minutes ago. Before she had the chance to react to what was happening, I’d stabbed her in the stomach with sharp claws that had come along with the thing that was controlling me. She’d collapsed on the ground, bleeding, and after that the tormenting walk uphill had begun.


‘Where are you taking me?!’ I thought, as that was the only thing I was still capable of doing. Almost immediately, the same voice I’d kept hearing since the incident at the mausoleum answered. I felt my mouth open and heard it speak with my words.
‘Back to where we left off, my dear.’
‘You can’t,’ I spit back in my mind. ‘Mum’s body and soul are both gone – there’s nothing connecting me to the Gate anymore, even if you possess me.’
A horribly inhuman laugh escaped my lips.
‘Do you really think I’d let her pass that easily? Her blood is mine, and now, so is yours. I knew you were a special one, but you exceeded my expectations, human.’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Isn’t it obvious? You’re the first to take me in and live… Even though it won’t last long.’


I have known it all this time,

Its words left me confused, and terrified. What did he mean? What was going to happen to me? I tried to move my limbs, my fingers, anything at all, but the creature held me in an iron deathgrip. He wouldn’t let go.
This was all my fault. I should have never started this. That book, Nile, Ethan- they’d been right, and all this time I had been too stubborn to listen.
And now I was going to pay the ultimate price for my mistakes.
My body stopped moving at the very peak of the hills, in the middle of a strange rock formation. Right in front of me, on the biggest stone, was a type of writing that I could vaguely recognize as ancient simlish. I could feel the air tensing up as the creature inside me lifted my head and opened my mouth, speaking the text aloud.


‘Raos nyigull, Urün heshkta.’


But I never thought I’d live to see it break



Way back on the beach, Ethan Almond was sulkily staring into the water by himself. Summer was ending and the cold wind sent shivers down his spine, but he ignored the feeling. His thoughts were too focused on what had happened that afternoon.


‘Stupid, worthless melonhead…’ he mumbled, picking a stone up from the shore and throwing it in the water. It bounced on the sea’s surface multiple times before finally sinking below the surface.
‘Can’t even make her listen to me…’


He scowled and ducked to pick up another stone from the shore. But just as he was about to throw it, something moving to the left caught his attention.





It’s getting dark and it’s all to quiet

‘Get up.’


And I can’t trust anything now

His voice was so powerful that I couldn’t do anything but obey. I got up from the ground, forced by my own limbs, like a puppet on strings. And yet, I could move my muscles a little bit. Not enough to break free, but enough to look around and be scared by what I saw.
It felt different as all the previous times. The swirling mist around my feet- I could actually feel them now, something that I hadn’t been able to do before. That could only mean one thing.
My body was actually here this time.


‘Make the sacrifice.’
I looked at the stone bowl. The bloodstains from my previous visit were still there. Doing this would open the doors, which would open the gate, and then…


And it’s coming over you like it’s all a big mistake

‘No…’ I whispered. ‘I don’t… I don’t want to…’
‘Do it.’
I almost fell over as my legs turned my body around on their own. They walked straight up to the aisle and he made me bend over the bowl, my wrists a few inches from the stone surface.
‘Stop it! Stop it, let me go!’


Ohh, I’m holding my breath

‘Foolish human. Do you really think you can disobey me?’ the voice laughed. ‘You’re too far gone for that. There’s nothing you can do anymore, and no one to save you. Now do it.’
I gasped as my wrist was cut by the rough stone edge of the bowl. Warm, red blood slowly flowed out and sunk to the bottom of the stone bowl, unlocking the gate behind me.
‘Good. Now walk.’



Won’t lose you again

Ethan had followed his suspicious classmate all the way up to the top of the hills. He had no idea what she was doing alone in the middle of the night, but his gut feeling told him he couldn’t let this one slide. Cautiously, he followed her to a weird stone structure. Nile disappeared inside, and when he peeked around the corner, she was looking up to a stone with writing that he instantly recognized as ancient Simlish.


something’s made your eyes go cold…

‘Raos nyigull, Urün heshkta.’


Point of no return,’ Ethan translated, mumbling softly so she wouldn’t hear him. What on earth was she doing?
The next moment, a bright array of light appeared around the girl, blinding Ethan. He quickly covered his face with his hands and turned away.


When he finally uncovered his eyes again, he was all alone in the hills.



Come on, come on, don’t leave me like this
I thought I had you figured out


Something’s gone terribly wrong, you were all I wanted

It brought my hand up to the door and slowly placed it on the cold, dark surface. The door reacted to my touch immediately. It swung open, revealing the vortex lying just behind it. I felt the pressure on my body, slowly being pulled in.


‘It’s finally succeeded,’ I heard the same inhuman voice, this time not inside my head anymore. ‘I’ve finally done it. All I need now is your life energy, human… hurry up and cross so I can have it…’


It was no use trying to resist. He controlled me, up to my slightest movement. This was it…
The end.


Stood there and watched you walk away
From everything we had
But I still mean every word I said to you


He will try to take away my pain


And he just might make me smile,


But the whole time I’m wishing he was you instead


Ohh, I’m holding my breath
Won’t lose you again


something keeps me holding on to nothing



The threatening red presence behind me suddenly distanced itself. I saw a brown flash and a woman’s voice yelling:
‘Get away from her!’
Control over my body returned to me. I quickly turned around and saw Nile, Nile, shielding me from the creature. Her brother screeched and flew forwards, but she brought back her fist and hit him in the face, so hard that he almost fell over.
‘You will not take another innocent person from me!’ she growled.


‘Nile!’ I yelled, shocked. ‘You’re here! But how- how did you-?’
‘That doesn’t matter right now! Just get away from here, Micah! You’re going to die at this rate!’


‘As if I would allow her to leave,’ the creature grinned, getting up from the ground. ‘I’ve made her pass the point of no return, just as you have. You should know better than this, my sweet sister.’
‘I am not your sister, you monster,’ Nile spat. ‘You used those agents’ lives to crawl out of the gate, didn’t you? Just like how you tried to use my brother… how you’re still using him!’


The red creature began to laugh. A high-pitched, unnatural laugh that made my skin crawl all over.
‘You still don’t get it, do you?’
‘Enough to know you’re the cause of all this!’
‘No, if there was ever a cause to everything that happened, it’s you, dear sister,’ he spoke. ‘I was at peace, and yet you dared to try and revive me. Then you turned back at the last second and threw me back in there, doomed to be stuck between life and death for all eternity. If anyone is at fault here, it’s you!’


‘You took the lives of all those children!’
‘I tried to take back what was rightfully mine! You brought me back from the dead, and you will see me return to the living!’
Her brother suddenly turned my way and I felt myself lose all control over my body again.


Nile reached out to me and tried to stop me from walking over to the vortex, but the creature controlling me was too strong. My arm slipped out of her fingers.


‘You finally acknowledge me now, sister?’ he cackled, driving me closer to the gate. ‘But it’s too late for that! You should have done that two hundred years ago, and now I’m going to destroy everything you’re trying to protect!’
‘NO!’ she screamed. ‘I won’t let you- not again!’


Something seemed to snap inside of the girl behind me. She jumped forward, grabbed me twice as hard as before, and flung me backwards like I was nothing. Then, completely unexpected, she charged for her brother.
‘Wh-what are you- NO! Don’t push me back in! I WON’T GO BACK IN!’


Come on, come on don’t leave me like this
I thought I had you figured out

‘Nile? No, what are you doing?’ I screamed. ‘ Get away from the gate, It’s going to swallow you!’
‘I should have done this long ago,’ she replied, ignoring my screams. ‘It’s not after you. It’s after me, and I’m the only one who should suffer from it.’


I put all my energy into getting back on my feet and wobbly climbed up, holding onto the pedestal with the stone bowl. Nile briefly looked at me over my shoulder, with an expression I’d never seen on her face before.
‘I’ve ruined your life… you must really hate me, don’t you, Micah?’
‘I-  of course not! What are you saying?!’
‘I see… do you think, that if we’d met as normal teenagers, without any of this happening… do you think we would have been friends?’


‘We would have!’ I yelled, panic rising up within me. ‘We can still be! Just come back with me!’
Her expression saddened.
‘I knew I wouldn’t return when I followed you here,’ she muttered. ‘I’ve said the words… but you were forced by someone else. You can still turn back. You can still forget this ever happened, and start over…’


She diverted her gaze back to the gate and pushed the creature in, making contact with the gate. The vortex reacted immediately, enveloping him with its blue light.
‘NO! I CURSE YOU!’ He shouted, above the gurgling of the vortex which slowly absorbed the both of them. ‘YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE TAINTED BLOODLINE! YOU’LL NEVER HAVE A HAPPY ENDING, NEVER!’
And above his screams mixed with mine, I heard Nile saying something else.
‘Live your life like you’re supposed to, Micah… grow up, find someone you like and build a life together. Do the things we couldn’t do in our time. Please…’


Something’s gone terribly wrong
Won’t finish what you started



Can’t breathe whenever you’re gone
Can’t go back, I’m haunted

I was blinded by the blue light as the two disappeared. The gate exploded, blowing me away, into the darkness…



You and I walk a fragile line I have known it all this time

Ethan Adams was disrupted from his thoughts by a bright, fiery yellow and blue light coming from the middle of the stone structure. He cautiously looked around the corner, not sure what to expect.


On the ground, perfectly aligned with the setting of the stone tablet, lay the person he loved. His heart skipped a beat as he remembered the scene back in the mausoleum and dashed off to her side.


She was moving. Ethan quickly sunk down on the damp grass next to her and put his arms around her neck, lifting her up.
‘Micah- hey, talk to me! Are you all right?’
The girl groaned and slowly opened her eyes, rubbing them with her hand.
‘Yeah, it’s me, I’m right here! What happened? Where’d you come from?’
‘Ethan, you were… you were right…’


She suddenly got up and grabbed him, burying her face in his chest. Her soft sobs were damped by the fabric of his shirt.
‘I’m… I’m so sorry, Ethan, I’m so sorry… please forgive me…’


Ethan placed his arms around her and held her tight, cradling her like a little child.
‘Shh, it’s all right. What happened?’
‘She sacrificed herself for me,’ Micah cried. Hot tears fell from her cheeks onto his shirt.
‘I’m so sorry. I swear I won’t do it again, Ethan, I swear. Please… please don’t leave me.’


‘I won’t,’ he whispered. ‘I’m sorry, too. I won’t ever leave you alone again. I promise… I’ll stay with you forever. I love you, Micah.’
‘I… I love you, too.’

Never ever thought I’d see it break.
Never thought I’d see it…



The package to South Africa never arrived. T.T


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  1. ;_______; Nileeeeeeee…
    But that was an epic chapter. Like. Oh my god.

    December 13, 2012 at 03:36

    • Hehee, I know ^^ I tried hard to build up everything towards this chapter, even though it did not quite come out like I had it in my head.
      When will your next chapter be out? =D

      December 13, 2012 at 23:08

      • Good question. When I find timeee. But time continues to evade me.

        December 14, 2012 at 03:47

  2. How did I miss a chapter?! 0_0

    anyways, they were both really good and action packed and OMG. I love it.

    I feel so bad for Nile, though. :[

    December 13, 2012 at 06:05

    • Yay, thank you! ❤ I fell bad for her too. Like, half of the things that have happened in her life up till now I haven't even begun to touch yet… maybe I'll make a special about her some time? That is, if people are interested about her background xD

      December 13, 2012 at 23:09

  3. So many questions! How old was Nile? Will Micah’s bloodline be cursed? Will Xeno come back for her?

    Ah, excellent chapter!

    December 13, 2012 at 08:27

    • Well, she was a kid when it happened, and that was two hundred years ago, so somewhere between two hundred and six and two hundred and twelve! =D
      Not saying anything about Xeno. =)

      December 13, 2012 at 23:11

  4. Wow amazing, is the ghost gone now? Is Micah safe from all those things now? This was the best chapter yet! 😀

    December 13, 2012 at 15:50

    • Hehee, thank you very much. ^^ I’m really happy you liked it that much! =D

      December 13, 2012 at 23:11

  5. Nile sacrificed herself … I don’t think I’d ever be able to do that, but then I’m unlikely to try and bring back a dead brother. I definitely wouldn’t be able to push him back into the Gate. And Micah and Ethan have finally confessed to loving each other! 😀

    December 14, 2012 at 06:56

    • I don’t know. If I were in that situation, I’d… probably try to as well. Thank god the gate doesn’t really exist. XD
      Yes, they have! It was about time too, I recon ^^ Well, Ethan’s done it before, but that was at a bad time. Heh.

      December 14, 2012 at 11:05

  6. Marvelous 🙂

    December 26, 2012 at 01:55

  7. mischiefthekitten

    Oh, Nile. I’m so sorry 😦 *hugs Nile*

    (I wonder if her eyes will have changed, too?)

    Did I ever tell you how much I love your sims? They’re all so gorgeous, I love their eye colous!! Damn you, yimiki, I want to start a third blog now 😦

    January 23, 2013 at 14:22

    • Ahaha, I’m sorry for making you want to start another blog. =3 Will it be for another story?
      I’ve replaced the normal eyes with one called…err… wait.. something with candy in the name…
      I can’t remember. =( I’ll look for the file in my game though, if you want to know =D

      January 23, 2013 at 14:43

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