A The sims 3 Story

Extras while I finish the next chapter

Just because. Bear with me. It’s not because I have been addicted to Fire Emblem and Pokémon Go for the last month. Nuh-uh. *cough*


Have I told you that Chase is a HUGE troll? He never makes a face appropriate to the situation – EVER. When I’m trying to make serious pictures, he comes with a goofy grin like these. When I want him to look happy, it’s the other way around. And he ALWAYS, ALWAYS looks right at the camera when he does it. I swear that boy knows what’s going on and it has become his life goal to troll me. XD


So do his dogs, and in the name of fresh apple pie, so does almost EVERYONE ELSE IN HIS FRIEND GROUP. It’s a conspiracy. I know it. xD


Remember Liu, his friend? Yeah, they have a thing, too. Every time I put those two together, they give each other smouldering looks like that. I’ve even caught them flirting on free will. And not a little bit, either! Damn it, Liu, that’s not the direction that I want to take this story in!

He also has a habit of randomly vanishing from my storyline set. I’d find him after a minute or so, and this tends to happen a LOT:


Chase, GET OUT OF THE HOT TUB! We have two hours of daylight left! I’m trying to finish a chapter, for crying out loud!
“Nah. Try someone else. Like Nikola. You’ve kept him locked up in my parent’s room for the entire story arc so far.”


“I can’t go on-stage yet. She still hasn’t found my earring.”
Oh my GOD, Nikola! Who cares about your stupid earring! You’re in this chapter!
“No. I am not going outside without my dragon earring. It makes me feel naked.”


“Can I go, then? I’m all set.”
YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A WITCH! How did you even do that?! The game classifies you as a damn vampire!
“But I can make you apples now!”
I don’t want apples! If you can conjure things, at least summon Nikola’s earrings back or something!
 …Wait… who is that sleeping behind you?
BOBBY?! You don’t even live here! GET OUT!


Yeah. This happens. A lot. I’ve got a whopping total of… thirty-six people walking around on the same lot at the moment. Chaos ensues.

On the bright side, I’m almost done with the chapter.

So yeah, if anyone happens to know where Nikola’s earrings are… we’d be grateful. x’D

Happy summer vacation, folks! ^^


3 responses

  1. Joe

    For some reason, since the beginning of this generation, I’ve thought of Chase as gay. Apparently I was right. MAKE IT HAPPEN WOMAN.

    (Or at least put a download link for him and Liu so I can be happy <3)

    October 12, 2016 at 18:17

    • I KNOW RIGHT. Unfortunately I can’t add it without completely messing up the storyline, but damn those two are making it hard not to. Let’s see it as an alternate universe. I’ll put their download links online, so that they at least can be happy in your game =3


      October 31, 2016 at 18:59

  2. Sims are huge trolls. It’s frustrating and hilarious all at once.

    I miss those earrings too. Gosh darn it, internet.

    You’ve been locking Nikola up in the parents’ bedroom? lolz lolz lolz

    February 6, 2017 at 19:46

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